Abstract Mind
I always have doubts about the real and the abstract. Am I supposed to capture the real form of the real world? What is reality anyway? When people define the word “abstract,” it is made to seem like something hard to understand and something impossible to grab. To me, the truth about the abstract is lying underneath everything and everywhere. My current project is about trying to cultivate the idea of “abstract.” I have heard some comments about my work: everything you do is rather abstract! Really? Wow! Does that mean what I see and hear are rather abstract? In fact, I usually feel that reality is such a façade that it traps our minds into thinking that everything is supposed to be real. Underneath the skin of reality, there are feelings and emotions floating around as abstract/real as they can be. In my current project, I have been trying to grasp certain elements in reality and certain moods in my head, hoping to create some mixture of visual impact. Some say that paintings are dead. However, images have not disappeared in life. Instead, images have become even more vivid and vibrant nowadays. Regardless of the medium, images are our daily life necessity. Therefore, the so-called “abstract” is not at all abstract.

My World of Ambiguity


My intention is to create a world that does not really exist out there but is somehow emotionally connected to the mind. I am not trying to retell a story but rather to reveal the untold. The decorative appearance is a disguise of inner anxiety. Something beautiful outside is not necessarily beautiful inside. In fact, it is a façade. My work is a thin layer lying at the border of beauty and ugliness. The definition of my work is vague. The only thing I know is to break from the standard. Between depth and shallowness, I am stuck in the middle—just as all of us are stuck between heaven and hell. I try hard to coexist with my sins. Even though I would like to erase them at times, I find it entertaining to cope with the dark thoughts. The longer I am trapped, the more I learn about my fate.