Physical sickness saves my soul
                                                         Psychological sickness reclaims my own existence….

Sickness is hard to be avoided. 
I am a sick person with a sick mind. 

Because I don’t see things as the way they are,  I  am sick and, probably, weak. 
I get sick all the time because of my incapability of dealing with life and other people’s sicknesses….

Therefore, when I fail to make people listen to me, I choose to be sick. 

And I  make myself stay sick for a while until I can only hear my own voice.

Undoubtedly, I cannot choose to be sick all the time; otherwise, people would think that I am faking.

Sickness, either physically or psychologically, can be a very good thing….

We don’t talk about sickness too often
because all of us try as hard as we can to avoid it or just to ignore it.

The truth is, it is not that bad!

I learn about myself more closely through my own sickness.
By learning from others’ sickness, I stay awake.


© Copyright 2023. No animals were harmed in the making

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