Textual World


There are voices in my head, and they are my own voices. They sometimes go for the same directions while at other times, they go against each other in completely opposite paths. I often wonder how to transform words from my head into colors and shapes. Being influenced by some ideas of graffiti culture, I started casually writing out my feelings about my surroundings freehandedly. Since we are living in the world that is embedded with text and image, we cannot avoid seeing them both simultaneously and separately. Sometimes image is better off without text; sometimes text has to exist with the absence of image. I do not know which one conveys ideas better; it is a decision made spontaneously. The truth is that sometimes text preserves the imagination better than image. With all the chaos image creates, it somehow kills our imagination. Text, on the other hand, creates the illusion of image. The journey of developing from our inner sound of language into words seems like a more direct and honest way of expression. The process and result tend to be simpler and purer. I cannot say which is my favorite form. Sometimes I do like to be led by text. I start with words in my head and I end with image on my canvas. Text and image can fight against each other for meanings, and at the same time, they can erase each other’s meaningless points in order to pursue a more explicit expression.